If you’re going to invest in something, invest in people. People are the single most worthy asset in your life to put your faith (and time, and money, and…) into.

This isn’t about blind faith.
You need to surround yourself with
the right people 1st
Then Just be accessible. Just as you should have faith in people to do what they’re supposed to do, you should have faith that they’ll engage you when they need your support. Adding natural mechanisms for conversations in your day or week helps, too.

Offer the benefit of the doubt by
Never become jaded. Believe that everyone can hit a hmerun
That’s what they’re there for.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you can’t afford not to place your faith in people. It’s the only way you can get anything done. So if you need to see it in that light to be convinced, then yes… it’s a productivity tool.